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Day 5 at Roland-Garros by Joseph Jabbour

It’s the 5th day of my Roland-Garros experience today, I genuinely feel like starting this article by saying how thrilling it was, but that would be redundant. Every day in here is electrifying. I wish I can duplicate myself, so I’d be in every court, every VIP lounge, and basically everywhere at every hour. Today in particular was quite “marathonic,” I was running through the stadium.

I finally managed to attend Federer’s game, competing in his first Roland-Garros since 2015, the 37-year-old Moët & Chandon’s ambassador has shown no signs of slowing down, defeating the 20-year-old Norwegian in nearly two hours.

Will this year be marked by Federer’s second French Open Win?


The most suspenseful match of the day was by far the one opposing Martens to Sevastova. Anastasija Sevastova triumphed in a glorious, quintessential clay-court epic, over Elise Mertens to reach the fourth round of Roland Garros for the first time, in three hours and 18 minutes - the longest match of the tournament so far.

Between matches, at lunchtime. Few stars came in, their names were shouted loudly by the photographers, they posed with their partners, kids or on their own for a minute or two, before being escorted to the lounges.

Gad Elmaleh arrived with his actor-direcror friend Philippe Lellouche, photographers battled to have perfect snaps of them. Then they both joined to the Moët Hennessy lunch, spreading laughter and positivity among the guests.

At the end of the day, I always allow myself to have some bubbly Brut Imperial, it matches perfectly with the gastronomic bites served by Potel et Chabot.

Making my way out of the Posh terraces and hallways of the Village, is always an amusing moment. Saying bye to familiar friendly faces and enjoying the DJ’s daily set makes It hard leave Roland-Garros. I can’t wait to come back tomorrow!

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