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Live the third day in picture

Crédit Photos : @JabbourJoseph

The 'King of Clay'

The fans are unanimous: Nadal will win his 11th trophy at Roland-Garros


Crédit Photos : @JabbourJoseph

Day 3 at Roland-Garros

Day 3 in RG is kicking off, two of the biggest names will not be playing on the humid clay courts today or any day of the tournament: 20 times Grand Slam champion Roger Federer and Britain's former world number one Andy Murray. But this year’s on paper favourites are by far Rafael Nadal for men and Serena Williams for women, both of them scheduled to play today.

Despite the rain showers this morning, people are queuing to attend the queen’s come back game and the King of clay’s yesterday’s rescheduled match.

 And here I go, with my rain coat and my camera, blending with the crowd and thriving on the excitement to run a poll. Will the acclaimed king and queen win the title this year?

It’s on!



Crédit photos : @JabbourJoseph

 From celebrities to young sport’s fans, chefs, those working on the field, those here to accompany their friends, media and press… the answer is almost anonymous. Nadal will definitely triumph, and overall, most are betting for a finale against Djokovic.

For the women, it is less certain after Ostapenko’s defeat. 

Leo and his friends,  a group of Parisian young men I met at the Chatrier court, were thrilled for Marin Cilic win this afternoon, but they doubt he has chance beating Nadal.

Hugo, a French magazine reporter, is hoping to see a French player in either women’s or men’s finals. He says not being very confident about it though.

Stewards acclaims the queen too. As for Nadal, they think it is a huge challenge to beat him on clay.

While having lunch at Moët Hennessy’s lounge at Le Village, we ran into Thibault Sombardier, a Michelin star chef.  For him, it’s a mental game and Nadal has what is takes. Chef Rafael Gomes, from the excellent Itacoa, approves that he is the best on Clay.

They both didn’t keep track on Serena’s career. So does pastry chef Yannick Tranchant, although he admits he doesn’t follow much tennis.

Aurore, from the creperie, does not know much about tennis, but she definitely cheers for Williams, and says rumors has it, Rafa will succeed. 

For now, the poll I pulled on my Instagram account is a bit less clear-cut. But as we all know, the French Open always has always a way to surprise us! Stay tuned.


Jopseh Jabbour

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