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Crédit photos : @DarrenKennedy


Crédit photos : @DarrenKennedy

Day 12 at Roland-Garros


What the Men Are Wearing

From classic heritage brands like Lacoste and Fila to more contemporary players such as Nike, Under Armour and Adidas, the on-court style of the men at this year’s Roland Garros has been anything but boring. Nadal, 10-time French Open champion, embraced a chic tonal look of baby blue and navy yesterday for his clash against Diego Schwartzman. There's also been an abundance of colour with bold colourways and stripes, both horizontal and vertical, as players make a statement on the court – giving a nod to Parisianstyle and classic tennis looks of the past.

Off court, the men’s style has been just as impressive. While most spectators in sports stands tend to opt for tracksuits and T-shirts, things are a little different at the French Open. Parisian style is renowned for its chic sophistication and this was seen in abundance at the venue over the past few days - style that balances tradition, practicality and contemporary fashion.

​Looks varied along the full spectrum of smart casual with some guys opting for dressed down tailoring while others choose wardrobe staples, such as the timeless Breton stripe sweater and chinos.

A suit is the most classic option but just make sure it doesn't feel stuffy. Look out for something in a light, summer fabric (ideally a cool linen-cotton mix for added breathability). These chaps know how to keep it from feeling like office attire by ditching the tie and pairing up with a pair of low-key trainers.

Others preferred not to wear a suiting, preferring instead lightweight jackets in shades of tan and khaki, paired with chambray shirts or t-shirts, worn with navy trousers for a combination that feels louche and laid back.

From blistering sunshine to the rain halting play on occasions, the most vital accessories are a pair or sunglasses and a lightweight waterproof cover-up…just in case!

Crédit photos : @DarrenKennedy

White on White

The white party at ‘Le Village’ at Roland Garros has become a thing of legend and it’s certainly one of the hottest tickets in town during the French open. Guests and VIP’s, all dressed in white, gather at the Moët Hennessy space to celebrate one of the most special nights of the tennis calendar.

This year there was a chic garden party vibe fitting Roland Garros' setting in the Bois de Boulogne. The mood was relaxed with the crowd in good spirits. Live music including the most wonderful accordion player, provided the perfect soundtrack to the soiree.

There was no shortage of food with delicacies including scallops marinated in lemon served on crunchy nacho chips, fois gras hors d'oeuvres, along with feuilleté (puff pastry) with veal finished with freshly grated truffle. All accompanied with champagne by Moët & Chandon  and Belvedere cocktails.

Getting the Look Right

Much of the popularity of the white-on-white look is down to its clean, fresh and contemporary feel. So what’s the best way to approach white-on-white dressing?

The key to crafting a stylish single colour look is to create clear separation between each piece. The easiest way to do this is by mixing up your shades. There is no rule that states you must stick to pure white. In fact, white on white can be overpowering so mixing hues such as off-white, cream, ivory, or even light beige, will help create that subtle definition. Similarly, you can differentiate through texture. For instance, mix white pieces in leather, cotton, nylon and linen to keep your look visually rich.

A neutral, all-white base gives you free reign to add pops of interest. All accessories do not have to be white. Colours such as black, blue and brown on watches, belts, or shoes, will break up your outfit beautifully without creating an overwhelming image with too much white. Please ensure shirts are crisp and ironed correctly. Creases will stand out on a white shirt and can completely ruin your look.

And while it may sound ridiculous, it is best to shy away from certain foods. The last thing you want is a red wine stain down your crisp white top or blazer. Stick to the champagne, darling!

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