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Dancing in the rain

Behind the scene

Day 10 at Roland-Garros by Joseph Jabbour

Rain, the number 1 enemy of RG organizers made an important appearance in Paris today, it disturbed considerably the scheduled program. Anticipated games did not take place, like the last women and men quarter-finals.

So there was no Thiems, Djokovic, Halep or Keys on today’s program. But what everyone around here seem to be fussing about, is the Federer-Nadal legendary confrontation on Friday!

I seriously, can’t wait for this epic moment.

Umbrellas were dancing all over the stadium, lounges were full of people, no orange chairs in front of the big screens today, and all clay fields are covered with huge orange tarpaulins, beautifully stamped with the RG logo.

Guests invited by partners granted their invites, honoring their hosts with their presence in the village. Eddy De Pretto’s arrival around 1pm put the photographers on fire, despite the bad wet weather!
My lunch at Moët Hennessy Lounge went greatly as usual. MH Guests didn’t seem preoccupied by not being on courts watching games.

In the Beginning of the afternoon, I simply strolled around under the rain with my camera, photographing people trying to make the best of their rainy time, proving with their smiles and selfies, that RG is not just about Tennis and competition!

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